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Mindfulness Engineering™

Founded by Dr. Shima Beigi, Mindfulness Engineering™ is an international Engineering and Design House based in Belgium. Mindfulness Engineering™ is about resilience and sustainability, focusing on the balance between sciences and mindfulness practises applied to smart cities and complex systems, working with projects all across the globe.

Dr. Shima Beigi

Dr. Shima Beigi is smart city consultant, yoga teacher, and the founder of the Mindful Smart City Academy. Originally a resilience scientist, Shima has an impressive international academic track record (Islamic Azad University North Tehran Branch, University of Bristol, University of Oxford, Vrije Universiteit Brussel). In order to address the challenges of digitalisation for urban systems such as urban inclusion, sustainability and digital literacy, she developed Mindfulness Engineering™, which connects STEM science and smart cities to neuroscience, Sufism and mindfulness.

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